Acmena smithii 'Red Head'

Szyzgium Sunrise

Origin: Australia

Family: Myrtaceae

Common Name: Lilly Pilly

Protection Status: PBR Protected

Location: Full sun to part shade

Height: 6m  




Acmena smithii Red Head™ is an attractive large shrub to small tree with lush glossy, rounded, broad, deep green foliage. It has a flush of brilliant red new autumn growth maturing to glossy dark green. Clusters of very small white flowers are followed by bright purple edible berries. 'Red Head' would be an excellent contrasting plant to use with Acmena Sublime™.


  • Low water usage and very hardy
  • Bird attracting
  • Thick growth habit
  • Psyllid resistant


Suggested Uses

The growth of Red Head™ becomes more dense with each pruning, but unlike many Acmenas, not overly dense, which is why it is so much tougher than other varieties. Acmenas are an excellent choice for containers, courtyards, roof top gardens or clipped as a standard hedge, with an exceptional pot life. Red Head™ can be hedged from approx 1.5m high, or alternatively, can be grown clear-trunked as an attractive small tree ideal for urban plantings.

‘Red Head’ is ideal for pleaching. Pleaching is a technique that is used to train trees into a raised hedge with a gap pruned from the ground so you can walk under it. With a flush of brilliant red new Autumn growth maturing to glossy dark green, Acmena ‘Red Head’ is perfect for pleaching to achieve a most elegant, formal look, or for a standard formal hedge. It is a compact small tree suitable for civic plantings and urban backyards.


Prefers a sunny to partly shaded position with well-drained soil containing some organic matter. ‘Red Head’ is highly borer and psyllid resistant, wind and cold tolerant to -5 degrees and is a fire retardant species. It is an easy, care-free landscape tree.


Very low maintenance once established. Regular fertilising will ensure good performance in the garden.


Acmena smithii 'Red Head' is currently grown in the following sizes: 30cm pot

Please email or call for availability and price.

Please Note: Growing size of plants will vary depending on growing conditions, planting location and care. Information is provided as a guide only.


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