Syzigium australe 'AATS' Pinnacle™


Origin: Australia

Species: Syzygium australe

Common Name: Lilly Pilly

Protection Status: PBR protected

Location: Full sun/part shade

Height: 3m

Spread: 1.5m



Syzigium australe 'AATS' Pinnacle™ is a narrow Australian native lilly pilly, similar in shape to a pencil pine or narrow conifer. It has glossy, dark green foliage with light green new growth and red berries.


  • Bird attracting
  • Fast growing
  • Australian native

Suggested Uses

Excellent screen, hedge or feature tree or shrub, particularly for narrow spaces. Works well planted along fencelines, walls or along a driveway or footpath.


Tolerant of most soil types and conditions, however, prefers a sunny position with rich, well-drained soil.Frost tolerant once established.


Keep moist during dry weather. Prune if desired to keep small.Use a fertiliser formulated for natives according to manufacturer’s directions.


Syzigium australe 'AATS'Pinnacle™ is currently grown in the following sizes: 20cm pot, 25cm pot,

30cm pot, 40cm pot, 50cm pot

Please email or call for availability and price.

Please Note: Information is provided as a guide only.

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