Orthrosanthus multiflorus

Orthrosanthus multiflorus

Origin: Western Australia

Family: Iridaceae

Common Name: Morning Flag, Morning Iris

Location: Full sun to part shade

Height: 100cm  



Orthrosanthus multiflorus is an evergreen perennial clumping plant with strappy green foliage. Blue to purple flowers are produced in Spring and early Summer.

Grows to a height of 100cm.



  • Long flowering
  • Attractive foliage and flowers
  • Hardy and low maintenance


Suggested Uses

Good in rockeries and borders and useful for sloping areas. Perfect for containers.


This plant will thrive in a partly shaded position, but will also tolerate full sun. Will grow in well-draining sandy, clay, or clay-loam soils. Will tolerate coastal conditions.


Low maintenance once established. Keep moist when weather is dry, fertilise in Spring and remove spent flower stems to encourage new growth. Mulch to keep moisture up and discourage weeds.


Orthrosanthus multiflorus is grown in the following sizes: 14cm pot

Please email or call for availability and price.

Please Note: Growing size of plants will vary depending on growing conditions, planting location and care. Information is provided as a guide only.

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